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In 2012, we set out to build a different type of real estate brokerage. We believed that the market was changing faster than our industry and there was demand for a hybrid brokerage, one that would combine a traditional, full-service approach with modern, digital tools.

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Katie Macdonald

Client Care Manager

About Katie

Katie has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, working in various support and
administrative roles since 2009. Her outstanding attention to operational systems
and natural talent to conceptualize, plan and oversee projects provides an invaluable service
to agents and clients.
Starting from the very beginning as a receptionist, Katie quickly proved her ability to learn and
direct workflow and has since moved onto working directly with agents in planning and
coordinating marketing initiatives, training and consulting initiatives, as well as with clients
to successfully coordinate and close transactions from start to finish. She is passionate about
results and is driven by the satisfaction of learning, improving, and mastering any process within
her reach. 
Katie’s variety of experience provides her with a breadth of expertise and knowledge to drawn
on at any given moment. Her processes deliver impactful results with seamless execution and
unparalleled standard of quality. Utilizing her proven ability to reach thoughtful and technical
answers to operations flow at a business level, Katie is relentless in her efforts and dedication to
exceeding expectations.