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How important are garage doors for curb appeal?

Custom homebuilders know the importance of curb appeal and how much a garage door can contribute to it. We sat down with Rob Canizares from Maple Garage Doors and his client Nick Saccone from Nobility Homes to discuss garage doors and why they matter so much.

ADAM: Nick, you recently built a beautiful modern house (featured photo) and picked a unique garage door. How important was your choice to the overall look of your house?

NICK: The garage door always plays a role in home design. Because it takes up a large space at the front of the home, it should be as much a focal point as the front door, windows or exterior cladding.

ADAM: Why did you decide to go with transparent garage doors over something more traditional like wood?

NICK: I chose a transparent garage door because I wanted to be able to see out but not have someone view in. Also, I wanted glass panels to match the tinted windows on my house. I think I achieved a perfect match.

 ADAM: Rob, you guys did a great job with this house. How did you get into the garage door business?

ROB: My father started the company in the 1970s. I joined as an installer about 15 years ago, and we quickly became one of the fastest-growing garage door companies in the city. I truly love what I do, and am proud to build on my father’s legacy.

ADAM: What makes you different from the typical garage door supplier or installer?

ROB: We carry a broad range of products and customize each garage door to the client’s home. Our quality standards and personal service set us apart from our competition.

ADAM: At what stage do you get involved with the homeowner or the builder? Do you help them pick their garage door before or after they build? How involved are you in the design?

ROB: My clients usually send me their drawings for the home. We'll review the designs together, then select the door most compatible with the architectural style. I try my best to steer them in the right direction but many of them already know exactly what they want.

ADAM: What about cost –  is wood more expensive than fiberglass or is glass more expensive than fiberglass?

ROB: Fiberglass would be our most expensive material.  Steel is on the lower end in terms of cost, yet it has great durability. Wood would be a more mid-range choice. Each material also offers different insulation values, which is an important factor for our clients.

ADAM: From start to finish, how long does it usually take to install a door?

ROB: I always send a crew of two to each of our homes and the average install, depending on what's involved, usually takes about two to four hours per door.

ADAM: Wow, that's pretty quick! Lastly, what’s the process for someone who’s about to pick a new garage door for maximum curb appeal?

ROB: We would go through the various elements of the home together, and pick a garage door that fits in well with the design. The options are unlimited when it comes to style, colour, and adding valuable curb appeal to the property.

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